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    ¿¿Están locos estos spaniards ??

    Shakira has been criticised for singing new track, ‘Boig per tú’, in Catalan, which translates as ‘Mad For You’ in English.

    The song, originally performed by Catalan group Sau, is one of the singer’s favourite tracks. (see video Sau with Carles Sabater -en pau descansi- &  spanish singer Luz Casal -1992-)

    Colombian artist dubbed ‘disgusting’, ‘stupid’ and a ‘traitor’ by Spaniards, they claim it shows the 37-year-old ‘openly supports’ the idea of an independent Catalan state.  She has not hit back at the online insults. In past interviews, she’s carefully avoided getting mixed up in Spain’s politics.

    See news in New York daily news; The Wall Street; Daily Mail (UK); ElPeriodico.

    Her interest in singing in Catalan actually seems personal rather than political.  She  lives in the Catalan capital of Barcelona with local football star Gerard Pique and their son Milan.

    See video of Shakira -Empire- in Montserrat, the so-called ‘sacred mountain’ in center of Catalonia.

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    L’Assemblea Nacional Catalana (ANC) és una organització de base transversal i unitària que té com a objectiu la independència de la nació catalana per mitjans democràtics i pacífics. Compta amb més de 500 assemblees territorials arreu del país, una cinquantena d’assemblees sectorials, i exteriors, formades per desenes de milers de persones que treballen desinteresadament per la llibertat col·lectiva.

    L’ANC ha organitzat les dues mobilitzacions més multitudinàries de la història dels Països Catalans i de les més grans d’Europa. La primera, l’Onze de Setembre de 2012, amb la manifestació a Barcelona Catalunya, nou estat d’Europa, i la segona, la Diada del 2013, amb la Via Catalana cap a la Independència.

    L’ANC és hereva del moviment de les consultes sobre la independència que es van dur a terme arreu del país del 2009 al 2011. El 30 d’abril del 2011 es va celebrar la Conferència Nacional per l’Estat Propi, que va marcar l’inici de l’expansió pel territori de l’ANC fins la seva constitució el 10 de març de 2012 al Palau Sant Jordi.

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    SÚMATE está formada por gente muy diversa. Y eso precisamente es lo que nos da fuerza y le da sentido a nuestra asociación.

    La pluralidad y transversalidad de la sociedad catalana queda reflejada en quiénes somos, en quiénes formamos parte de SÚMATE. Porque más allá de nuestras diferencias, nos une algo mucho más importante: la ilusión por construir un proyecto nuevo y colectivo, conseguido entre todos. Vengamos de donde vengamos, hayamos nacido donde hayamos nacido, o hablemos la lengua que hablemos. No importa el orígen sino el destino.

    Nos unen también unas vivencias personales compartidas. Muchos de nosotros vinimos hace años a Cataluña, dejando nuestra tierra y el lugar donde nacimos, para trabajar duro y luchar por un futuro mejor. Muchos somos hijos de aquellos que vinieron y echaron aquí raíces. Buscaban una oportunidad y, no sin esfuerzo, consiguieron aquello que en su tierra se les negaba.

    No fue fácil, pero no podemos permitir que todo ese esfuerzo, de todos, sea en balde. Hoy, como entonces, también se nos niegan oportunidades, y es necesario seguir luchando, entre todos, para no perder lo que hemos logrado. No queremos que nosotros ni nuestros hijos tengamos que volver a irnos porque aquí no hay futuro. Porque aquí sí hay futuro.

    Nos sentimos orgullosos de ser quien somos, de nuestra tierra. No vamos a renunciar a nuestra identidad, a nuestra cultura ni a nuestra lengua. Y no lo vamos a hacer en el futuro. Porque queremos un país abierto, diverso y rico, donde quepan todas las identidades. Cataluña ha demostrado que somos un solo pueblo, sin fracturas ni rupturas, sin renuncias.

    Cataluña, la Cataluña que hemos construido entre todos, tiene ante sí un gran reto. Todos los que formamos parte de este país tenemos la oportunidad histórica de cambiarlo. Por eso defendemos nuestro derecho a decidir. Y decidir nuestro futuro depende de todos.

    No queremos que tutelen nuestro futuro, ni los políticos de allí ni los de aquí; es la sociedad civil, somos todos, la que se está moviendo para cambiar las cosas. Algunos de nosotros formamos parte, participamos o hemos sido votantes de partidos como CiU, ERC, CUP, ICV, PSOE e incluso PP. También venimos de otras organizaciones y movimientos, como la ANC, sindicatos, movimientos sociales, centros culturales y regionales, asociaciones de vecinos y entidades muy diversas. Pero otros, hasta ahora, no habíamos participado de forma activa en organizaciones. No nos importa; lo realmente importante es lo que defendemos, lo que queremos hacer juntos.

    Desde SÚMATE apelamos a todas aquellas personas, sin importar su tendencia política, que compartan los valores democráticos, la defensa de la libertad, y la voluntad de construir una sociedad mejor.

    No queremos perder más tiempo. No queremos perder esta oportunidad. Nuestro futuro lo decidimos nosotros, todos. Porque todos sumamos, y juntos vamos a construir un nuevo país.

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    Col.lectiu Emma

    Col·lectiu Emma is a network of Catalans and non-Catalans living in different countries who have made it their job to track and review news reports about Catalonia in the international media. Our goal is to ensure that the world’s public opinion gets a fair picture of the country’s reality today and in history.

    Starting in 2009, we have been selecting and publishing informations from various sources which to our mind provide an accurate description of the state of affairs in Catalonia. At the same time, we have pointed up factual errors, challenged unfounded assumptions or argued against biased judgments contained in other news items.

    Our position on current issues in the economic, social, cultural and political fields is stated in opinion pieces which, along with our comments on the news, are regularly posted on our web site and circulated through our mailing list.

    In presenting the case for Catalonia we make an effort to support our statements with relevant facts, figures and authoritative opinions, and we are always ready to backtrack on our assertions whenever we are proven wrong.

    We are confident that the arguments we put forward will contribute to more rigorous and informative reports about Catalonia in the international media. To that end we often engage in a dialogue with correspondents and their editors, offering to supply background material and to facilitate contacts with knowledgeable individuals in a variety of areas.

    We aim to be recognized as a trustworthy source of information and ideas about Catalonia from a Catalan point of view.

    Emma is an independent, non-partisan, not-for-profit endeavor. Everyone involved contributes his or her time and expertise on a voluntary basis and without compensation. We neither seek nor receive any public subsidies and we do not take instructions or suggestions from any public or private institutions. Although Emma’s operations are essentially self-financed, we may on occasion accept small donations from private individuals and entities, usually for specific projects. All such contributions and the use that is given to them can be disclosed in answer to justified requests.

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    Col.lectiu Wilson

    The goal of the Wilson Initiative is to contribute to the current debate on self-determination in Catalonia in order to help its citizens decide their own future, free from fear or unfounded threats.
    The members of the Wilson Initiative are academics (in the fields of economics and political science) who have witnessed with some concern how particular political parties, media organizations, and analysts are actively spreading misinformation to scare the citizens of Catalonia and keep them from freely exercising their right to decide the future of our country. Besides being anti-democratic, these campaigns are often lacking in common sense or suffer from serious errors of measurement, interpretation, or deduction regarding economic data or the current political or judicial status quo. We have also noticed with some uneasiness how some responses to these campaigns are similarly based on arguments or predictions that do not hold up to systematic scrutiny.

    Faced with this situation, we decided to create the Wilson Initiative in order to share our knowledge and opinions—expressed either collectively or individually—on the different debates that are taking place on this topic. We hope that, through this process of reflection and deliberation, we can help the citizenry separate the wheat from the chaff, truth from falsehood, reality from exaggeration, and correct conclusions from misguided ones.

    While all the members of the Initiative are united in the conviction that self-determination is an inalienable right of all citizens and peoples, our group is politically diverse. We have different opinions regarding how the economy works or on the criteria that should determine the norms of political and social interaction. Consequently, only the materials signed by the Initiative reflect the opinion of all its members. The documents individually signed do not necessarily represent the opinions of the other members of the Initiative.

    In addition to our own contributions, we also hope to post content written by others that we find interesting and which contributes to our goal.

    The Wilson Initiative does not accept aid, grants, or sponsorships from any institution, whether public or private.

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    4 years of surveys (polls)


  • Matthew Tree

  • spain info turespaña


    Catalonia.info is not an institutional domain and is not related to spain.info. 

     A brief reference to spain.info:

    In July 2003, the Spanish government launched Spain.info the Spanish tourism portal . Jorge Rubio was in charge  ( now he is in Chicago OTE ) . To accomplish this , the administration held a public competition, and the companies Telefónica and Indra were awarded . The total investment was € 6,000,000 for the development of the platform , considering that the software and hardware was acquired by Segitur .

    The infraestructure cost and the content for the new www.spain.info in 2012 was € 3,000,000 . These 3M € do not include online advertising and staff costs.

    Note: If from 2003 to 2012 the cost of infrastructure and content were similar to the one of 2012, the total amount allocated to spain.info will have been more than € 30.000.000€.

    spain memoria foto 

    Minister of Industry, Energy and Tourism, José Manuel Soria, introduced on June 25, 2013 the new version of the official website for tourism in Spain , www.spain.info , whose main improvement is that it integrates the marketing of transport , accommodation and the complementary offer of tourist destinations . The Minister stressed that the goal “is not to be another player in the industry,” but ” to provide to the private sector a new sales channel .”

    Despite these statements, the implementation of spain.info portal has created some surprise in the sector  as highlighted preferente.com because the booking is not for the hotel, is for Hotelscombined (UK ), which then also leads to an OTA like Expedia ( U.S.) or Booking ( Netherlands / USA ) with what inevitably becomes more expensive and is less competitive.  Hosteltur.com notes that travel agents also lament that public administration becomes a competitor.

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    “I don’t want to see a poor Catalonia outside the EU, euro and UN” (Rajoy)

    Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy told lawmakers on Wednesday that he did not want to see a “poor” independent Catalonia “outside of the European Union and United Nations,” while reiterating that he would not allow the northeastern region to hold its proposed November 9 referendum.

    “Neither you nor I can break the law because what you propose is actually a decision that belongs to all Spaniards,” the prime minister told Alfred Bosch, parliamentary spokesman for the Catalan Republican Left (ERC), during a question-and-answer session in Congress.

    “I want all of us to go on forming part of this same nation like we have for centuries. We have shared the same history, the same fortunes, and we have mixed our blood and joined our families. We have made a transition to democracy. I don’t want to see a poor Catalonia, or a Catalonia outside the EU or euro zone or the United Nations. No one deserves this and neither do you.”

    After Rajoy reaffirmed that the decision over Catalonia’s future should be made by all Spaniards, not just Catalans, Bosch responded during his intervention: “Well, why don’t you call [a referendum] for all Spaniards?

    “Do it, because that is your duty,” the ERC leader demanded. “On November 9, we are going to the polls, because casting ballots isn’t illegal and we plan on voting.”

    Tensions between the central and regional governments have been growing since January when the Catalan parliament voted in favor of a motion to ask Spanish Congress for permission to hold a referendum on self-rule for the region.


    Congress has brought forward to April 8 the debate on the Catalonia parliament’s petition to transfer enabling powers to regional lawmakers that would allow them to hold the status vote.

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