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    Col.lectiu Wilson

    The goal of the Wilson Initiative is to contribute to the current debate on self-determination in Catalonia in order to help its citizens decide their own future, free from fear or unfounded threats.
    The members of the Wilson Initiative are academics (in the fields of economics and political science) who have witnessed with some concern how particular political parties, media organizations, and analysts are actively spreading misinformation to scare the citizens of Catalonia and keep them from freely exercising their right to decide the future of our country. Besides being anti-democratic, these campaigns are often lacking in common sense or suffer from serious errors of measurement, interpretation, or deduction regarding economic data or the current political or judicial status quo. We have also noticed with some uneasiness how some responses to these campaigns are similarly based on arguments or predictions that do not hold up to systematic scrutiny.

    Faced with this situation, we decided to create the Wilson Initiative in order to share our knowledge and opinions—expressed either collectively or individually—on the different debates that are taking place on this topic. We hope that, through this process of reflection and deliberation, we can help the citizenry separate the wheat from the chaff, truth from falsehood, reality from exaggeration, and correct conclusions from misguided ones.

    While all the members of the Initiative are united in the conviction that self-determination is an inalienable right of all citizens and peoples, our group is politically diverse. We have different opinions regarding how the economy works or on the criteria that should determine the norms of political and social interaction. Consequently, only the materials signed by the Initiative reflect the opinion of all its members. The documents individually signed do not necessarily represent the opinions of the other members of the Initiative.

    In addition to our own contributions, we also hope to post content written by others that we find interesting and which contributes to our goal.

    The Wilson Initiative does not accept aid, grants, or sponsorships from any institution, whether public or private.

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    4 years of surveys (polls)


  • Matthew Tree

  • spain info turespaña


    Catalonia.info is not an institutional domain and is not related to spain.info. 

     A brief reference to spain.info:

    In July 2003, the Spanish government launched Spain.info the Spanish tourism portal . Jorge Rubio was in charge  ( now he is in Chicago OTE ) . To accomplish this , the administration held a public competition, and the companies Telefónica and Indra were awarded . The total investment was € 6,000,000 for the development of the platform , considering that the software and hardware was acquired by Segitur .

    The infraestructure cost and the content for the new www.spain.info in 2012 was € 3,000,000 . These 3M € do not include online advertising and staff costs.

    Note: If from 2003 to 2012 the cost of infrastructure and content were similar to the one of 2012, the total amount allocated to spain.info will have been more than € 30.000.000€.

    spain memoria foto 

    Minister of Industry, Energy and Tourism, José Manuel Soria, introduced on June 25, 2013 the new version of the official website for tourism in Spain , www.spain.info , whose main improvement is that it integrates the marketing of transport , accommodation and the complementary offer of tourist destinations . The Minister stressed that the goal “is not to be another player in the industry,” but ” to provide to the private sector a new sales channel .”

    Despite these statements, the implementation of spain.info portal has created some surprise in the sector  as highlighted preferente.com because the booking is not for the hotel, is for Hotelscombined (UK ), which then also leads to an OTA like Expedia ( U.S.) or Booking ( Netherlands / USA ) with what inevitably becomes more expensive and is less competitive.  Hosteltur.com notes that travel agents also lament that public administration becomes a competitor.

  • raj

    “I don’t want to see a poor Catalonia outside the EU, euro and UN” (Rajoy)

    Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy told lawmakers on Wednesday that he did not want to see a “poor” independent Catalonia “outside of the European Union and United Nations,” while reiterating that he would not allow the northeastern region to hold its proposed November 9 referendum.

    “Neither you nor I can break the law because what you propose is actually a decision that belongs to all Spaniards,” the prime minister told Alfred Bosch, parliamentary spokesman for the Catalan Republican Left (ERC), during a question-and-answer session in Congress.

    “I want all of us to go on forming part of this same nation like we have for centuries. We have shared the same history, the same fortunes, and we have mixed our blood and joined our families. We have made a transition to democracy. I don’t want to see a poor Catalonia, or a Catalonia outside the EU or euro zone or the United Nations. No one deserves this and neither do you.”

    After Rajoy reaffirmed that the decision over Catalonia’s future should be made by all Spaniards, not just Catalans, Bosch responded during his intervention: “Well, why don’t you call [a referendum] for all Spaniards?

    “Do it, because that is your duty,” the ERC leader demanded. “On November 9, we are going to the polls, because casting ballots isn’t illegal and we plan on voting.”

    Tensions between the central and regional governments have been growing since January when the Catalan parliament voted in favor of a motion to ask Spanish Congress for permission to hold a referendum on self-rule for the region.


    Congress has brought forward to April 8 the debate on the Catalonia parliament’s petition to transfer enabling powers to regional lawmakers that would allow them to hold the status vote.

  • “Gravity” by Margallo

    Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, José Manuel García-Margallo, has warned  that an independent Catalunya would “wander through space” and would be excluded from the EU for ever and ever. In Catalonia all social networks are laughing at this statement.

  • Do you enjoy watching Barça?

    Catalanassembly.org campaing next 12th march 2014 (Barça Manchester City match)

  • La parte española del Ebro

    El Consell de Ministres ha aprovat aquest divendres el Pla Hidrològic de la Conca de l’Ebre, que limita el cabal del tram final del riu a 3.000 hectòmetres cúbics anuals d’aigua per poder destinar-ne 11.000 al regadiu d’1,4 milions d’hectàrees. Aquesta mesura ha comptat amb un rebuig contundent de la Generalitat i de les Terres de l’Ebre, que posen en dubte la supervivència del delta de l’Ebre.

    La vicepresidenta del Govern, Soraya Sáenz de Santamaría, ha acaparat l’atenció de la jornada arran d’unes declaracions a través de Twitter en què aporta una qüestió tècnica que ha estat interpretada en clau independentista.: “Aprovat el Pla Hidrològic de la part espanyola de l’Ebre, un dels més complexos. Ja són 14 els plans aprovats en dos anys.”


    I es que som tontos i no sabem que el Segre (afluent de l’Ebre) neix a Andorra

  • Cas Neymar english

    Cas Neymar. 27 febrer 2014

    L’Agència Tributària també es persona en la causa penal contra el Barça dins del cas Neymar. L’Agència Tributària ha comunicat al Jutjat Central d’Instrucció N º 5 que es persona en la causa oberta a través de l’Advocat de l’estat, després de la querella del fiscal contra el Barça per suposat frau fiscal en els contractes signats amb les societats de Neymar. El club encara no en té constància però consultat per l’ARA afirma que no els sorprèn ja que era un pas lògic.

    El jutge encarregat del cas, Pablo Ruz, va comunicar a l’Advocat de l’estat que existia la possibilitat d’un delicte contra Hisenda, deixant en mans de l’Advocació estatal representar Hisenda en el cas. Un pas normal quan els possibles perjudicats d’un cas són entitats estatals.

    Segons el document del Jutjat d’instrucció número 5 de Madrid, amb data de 24 de febrer, “es persona en el procediment l’AEAT (Agència Tributària) i en el seu nom i representació l’advocat de l’estat, en l’exercici d’acusació particular”. El document va presentar-se el mateix dia que el Barça va fer arribar la declaració complementària de 13’5 milions per “evitar futures sancions”, tal com va explicar el president Josep Maria Bartomeu dilluns passat. Precisament, el Barça volia fer el pagament abans que l’Agència Tributària es personés en el procediment.

  • Votació pro consulta al Parlament

    Parlament de Catalunya. 27 febrer 2014.

    El suport a la consulta ha assolit el suport de més de dos terços dels diputats del Parlament aquest dijous. Això ha estat possible gràcies a què 9 dels 17 electes del PP presents a la cambra s’han sumat per error al vot afirmatiu que han emès CiU, ERC, ICV-EUiA i la CUP. Els altres 8 diputats populars s’hi han oposat, com els de C’s. Al seu torn, el PSC s’hi ha abstingut.

    Per tant, la consulta ha rebut 91 vots a favor, 17 en contra i 18 abstencions. La votació en qüestió s’ha realitzat en motiu de l’aprovació del compte general de la Generalitat del 2011 elaborat per la Sindicatura de Comptes. El primer punt del dictamen constatava el “finançament injust que ha tingut Catalunya per afrontar l’infrafinançament de les competències que l’Estat ha transferit a les comunitats autònomes” i, per tant, fixava la “necessitat que el poble de Catalunya pugui determinar lliurement i democràticament el seu futur col·lectiu per mitjà d’una consulta per definir un nou marc polític que pugui posar fi al dèficit fiscal crònic”.

    Fonts populars indiquen que la confusió s’ha degut a què el portaveu parlamentari del PP, Enric Millo, s’ha equivocat a l’hora d’indicar el sentit del vot a la resta de diputats populars. Alguns d’aquests, però, com la presidenta del partit a Catalunya, Alícia Sánchez-Camacho, se n’han adonat a temps i hi han votat en contra.

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