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Catalonia covers an area of 32,114 km2 (12,399 sq mi) with an official population of  7.554.000 (2013) -7.437.000 (2011) –see graph -.

Barcelona metropolian area : The Urban Region of Barcelona includes 5.230.000 people and covers an area of 2.268 km2 (0.876 sq mi), and about 1.7 million people live in a radius of 15 km2 (5.8 sq mi) from Barcelona. The metropolitan area of the Urban Region includes cities such as L’Hospitalet de Llobregat, Sabadell, Terrassa, Badalona, Santa Coloma de Gramenet and Cornellà de Llobregat.

In 1900, the population of Catalonia was 1,984,115 people and in 1970 it was 5,107,606. That increase was due to the demographic boom in Spain during the 60s and early 70s and also to the large-scale internal migration from the rural interior of Spain to its industrial cities. In Catalonia that wave of internal migration arrived from several regions of Spain, especially Andalusia, Murcia and Extremadura. Immigrants from other countries settled in Catalonia in the 1990s and 2000; a large percentage came from Africa and Latin America, and smaller numbers from Asia and Eastern Europe.

Dades generals de població. / Population data "at a glance".

Població per municipis / Population by municipalities.

Població per comarques / Population by counties

naixements / birth / nacimientos

External immigration / Emigració externa

External immigration from the rest of the world (UE not included)
Emigració externa de la resta del món (no inclou UE)

AFTE population by counties (población per comarques)
Annual full time equivalent population: population resident in a municipality, measured as the annual average of people per day. It is the sum of resident and seasonal population.

Población equivalente a tiempo completo anual: población residente en un municipio, medida como el promedio anual de personas por día. Es la suma de población residente y estacional.

comarca del Barcelonés

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