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    TSJC imposa 25% castellà

    Catalonia’s Supreme Court of Justice (TSJC for its catalan acronym) has ruled that Spanish will be the bridge language in the 5 schools affected by the controversy. However, only in a 25%.

    The TSJC has also decided to reject the appeal presented by affected charter schools, the Generalitat and parent associations.

    The conflict arouse after a minority of parents refused to accept their children to be taught in Catalan.

    It had never been a matter of discussion until PP and Ciutadans (2 political parties against the catalan referendum) made a political use of the issue. The problem is that the TSJC’s decision will modify an education system that has been a model for many for decades.

    This linguistic policy that they want to impose in Catalonia is not applied in other spanish regions where Catalan is spoken. In Mallorca, Bauza’s government is isolating the catalan language in all aspects and in Valencia the vast majority os schools don’t teach Catalan at all.”

    It’a a shame.


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